A community of evolution educators

MO-Evolves is a hybrid online and in-person community of evolution educators, scientists, and other evolution enthusiasts. The main purpose of the network is to build a support network for evolution educators at all levels, where questions can be asked, answers found, problems discussed, and thoughts exchanged. MO-Evolves aims to be the ‘colleague next door’, especially for educators at small institutions. MO-Evolve serves the region of Missouri and surrounding states.

The main part of the community is the forum on this website, which provides opportunity for discussions around any topic of evolution. Posting in the forum (and reading of some parts) is limited to MO-Evolve members: registration takes only a few minutes and should normally be approved within a day.

MO-Evolve also involves in-person meetings. Annual workshops on teaching evolution take place on the MU campus in Columbia. Members offer several outreach talks and activities for various audiences in and around Missouri. For summer 2015, we plan to hold “Evolution Summit” at the University of Missouri,  a fun day of evolution related activities and community building.

MO-Evolves has been funded through the NSF grant “TeachEvo” which, among other things, established an Evolution class specifically tailored for future high school teachers.