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MO-Evolves: a community of evolution educators

MO-Evolves is a hybrid online and in-person community¬†of evolution educators, scientists, and other evolution enthusiasts. The main purpose of the network is to build a support network for evolution educators at all levels, where questions can be asked, answers found, problems discussed, and thoughts exchanged. MO-Evolves aims to be the¬†‘colleague next door’, especially for educators at small institutions.


Note that a password will not likely be sent to you immediately, but should arrive in under a day.

To help us with registration use a “.edu” email address if possible, and enter the appropriate institution on the registration page.

We will verify you and a password will be sent via email.

We anticipate this process will take less than a day. Feel free to contact us if you would like to be involved in this forum but don’t fit nicely into our verification system- we are happy to work with you.