In order to become a member of the MO-Evolves network and participate in the forum you need to register. Registration is simple and takes only a few minutes. It will make you part of the MO-Evolves network and put you on the email list. The MO-Evolves network is open to anyone with credentials as an educator or other interests in Evolution. The registration form asks you for a short statement about your interests.

The core resource of the MO-Evolves network is the discussion forum. Parts of the forum are public, i.e. everyone can read them. Other sections are private, i.e. only registered users can read. Only registered users can post in the discussion forum.

We suggest that you use real names (or parts thereof) as screen names, but this is not required. Each registration will be checked and verified by one of the organizers. You should hear from us within one day. If, however, you should not get a response, please send us an email.

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