TeachEvo: The Course

The University of Missouri offers the course “Teach Evolution” (BioSci 4600 / 7002) that combines the content of evolution with pedagogy. The course is offered as a required course for pre-service teachers (BIO SCI 4600 section 2), as well as a course for 3 credits towards a graduate degree (BIO SCI 7002). This course also fulfills the evolution requirement for biology majors.

The course will be a model for transferring evolution education resources into teacher education. The course goals are:

1) Evolution Content Goal: Develop an in-depth understanding of evolution as the central theory of biology.

2) Public Engagement Goal: Understand the social controversy surrounding evolution and be an advocate for evolution teaching.

3) Pedagogy Goal: Become an effective evolution educator.

Teach Evolution was taught during spring semesters 2013 and 2014. The course will be offered again during Fall semester 2015. For further information, please contact P. Friedrichsen or J. Schul.